The Academy is unlocked at level 11. This structure provides the ability to research formations and upgrades that boost your whole army. To access researches, either click on the academy or the Hero button at the bottom of the screen, and click the research tab.
Academy Window


Formations and attack & defense researches are just as key a part of winning as equipment quality and upgrade level are. You should always aim to have a cooldown running on research in the academy.
Research Interface

No matter your formation or hero composition, upgrade all of the defensive researches. Depending on your hero composition, always upgrade the +attack research that benefits you.

When you reach a point of excess Battle Points, spend it on the researches you've neglected.

Research TableEdit

Research Description Table

Research Effects

Researches and Perks by LevelEdit

Research Name/Perk Effects Academy Level Obtained
Holy Cross Formation Increases Block Chance 0
Tempered Steel Increases Normal Attack by 10 per rank 1
Conscription Increases Heroes Unit Count by 10 per rank 5
Serpent Formation Increases Normal Damage Dealt 5
Rank 2 Formations Formations can now be leveled to rank 2 to include 3 heroes 10
Chivalry Increases Gambit Attack by 25 per rank 10
Mallet Formation Increases Gambit Damage Dealt 10
Plate Mail Increases Normal Defense by 7 per rank 15
Fortifications Increases Gambit Defense by 18 per rank 20
Sickle Formation Increases Critical Strike Chance 20
Rank 5 Formations Formations can now be leveled to rank 5 to include 4 heroes 25
Alchemy Increases Spell Attack by 12 per rank 30
Wedge Formation Increases Dodge Rate 30
Book of Prayer Increases Spell Defense by 8 per rank 35
Oblique Formation Increases Spell Damage Dealt 35
Coat of Arms Increases Heroes Unit Count by 20 per rank 40
Cluster Formation Increases Spell Success Rate 40
Trident Formation Increases Defense Against All Attacks 45
Rank 10 Formations Formations can now be leveled to rank 10 to include 5 heroes 50
War Tome Increases Battle Points Earned by 1% per rank 50
Medicine Decreases Unit Losses After Battle 60
Fortitude Reduces All Damage Received 65
Advanced Logistics Decrease Reserves Consumed To Reinforce Troops Lost In Battle 70
Curtain Walls Reduces Chance To Have A Building Razed Upon Defeat In PvP Combat 80
Siege Warfare Increases Chance To Raze Opponents Buildings In PvP Combat 80
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