Alexander - Status Window

Alexander the Great is the final army and boss of the Greco-Persian Clash Campaign.

Unit Type - Paladin: Reduces damage taken. Stats: Good Bravery, Good Tactics, Low Magic.

Gambit - Call to Arms: Rally Friendly Troops to Battle, enabling another friendly unit to take two consecutive actions.

His gambit attacks a single enemy target for Gambit damage and grants a random friendly unit (excluding himself) the ability to act twice on their next turn. He can be useful for Charlemagne's siege hero line up or King Arthur's spell hero line up.

Unfortunately I do not believe this makes him worth using. If you have a priest on your team, then he can eat up the priest's bless. If you don't have a priest on your team, then he takes too long to get his gambit out. The end conclusion is that he is reliant on a priest whose bless could be better spent on a multi-target gambit hero.

Alexander Tokens

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