Attila - Status Window

Attila the Hun is the Final Boss army in the Heavenly Scourge Campaign.

Unit type - Mounted Archers: Ranged Infantry, High Critical Strike Chance. - Gambit - Impudent Advance: Attacks targets in a Column (left to right from players perspective).

His gambit has a chance to poison the enemies causing them to lose 20% of their REMAINING troops for their next two turns. The poison effect is especially useful when Attila is not very strong or when attacking a defensive target such as Richard with Entrench active.

His gambit is strengthed solely through gambit attack stats (that includes Tactics).

He is generally a very good hero and is only outshined by higher tier heroes such as Galahad or Florismart. His initial gambit damage is a bit weaker than Alfred's due to the poison function making Attila and Alfred overall very similar in terms of damage.

Attila - Tokens

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