Attributes augment(strengthen) your offensive and defensive values.

These Attributes are:

  • Bravery - augments Normal attack and defense values
  • Tactics - augments Gambit attack and defense values
  • Magic - augments Spell attack and defense values

Attributes can be raised through the Enlighten function.

For all Siege (War Machine) Heroes such as Rickon or Saladin, you will want to Enlighten them to increase their Bravery stat so they they deal more and take less normal damage in combat. Since Siege heroes use ONLY normal attacks, this stat will benefit them the most. Raising Tactics and Magic is of lower priority as it will only increase their defense against Gambit(Tactics) and Spell(Magic).

For Gambit Heroes such as Robin Hood or Alfred, you will want to enlighten their Tactics stat primarily so that they deal greater Gambit damage. Bravery is of value to Gambit Heroes since they use normal attacks in between Gambit attacks, but to a lesser extent since most players don't equip Gambit Heroes with Normal Damage Weapons. Magic is the lowest priority.

Stats - GalahadTactics

Sir Galahad - Gambit User - Stat Priority

For Spell Heroes such as Gilles de Rais or Sir Kay, you will want to enlighten their Magic stat. Most Spell Heroes are low in Tactics and Bravery so it is important to enlighten these stats as well so that they don't get slaughtered quickly.

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