The Bounty List was introduced in Version 1.2 and gives players a chance to challenge top players. In addition the more nobles that are defeated, the more Silver your Kingdom can get! TimeframeDec. 16– Dec. 18 Server Time ServersS1-S14 RewardsIf you defeat 3 players on the Bounty List, with your name appearing below each of the 3 opponents at the same time, you can win 100 Gold!In addition, the CoM team will be sending out 5 random coupons per server to players who defeat 2 players (worth 50 Gold Each). How to Enter
Assuming that Lion, Helios, and Fiona are the same player, and he defeated 3 nobles by himself, then he will win 100 Gold. Take your screen shot once you have beaten 2 or 3 nobles and reply to one of the threads below:[S1] [S2] [S3] [S4] [S5] [S6] [S7] [S8] [S9] [S10] [S11] [S12] [S13] [S14] Notes:1. Screenshot must include your server address, character name, Bounty list results, and the server time in the lower right corner. 2. Unclear, edited, or screen shots missing the above info will not be accepted.3. Your name must appear 2 or 3 times on one screen shot to qualify.4. The Bounty List usually resets at 08:30 AM, 12:30 PM, and 7:00 PM.5. All Rewards will be delivered within 3 days after event is over.6. HOW TO TAKE & POST SCREENSHOTS Additional Event—Get More bonus at this weekend only! While the Moneybookers event is on, (Moneybookers: Visa, Mastercard, enets, and certain debit cards and bank transfers to make a Kcoin purchase from December 15th to Dec 29th 11:59p.m. PST, you will earn 5% more Kcoins!) The COM team would like to give you an extra bonus! Pay attention to the event time, as this bonus event is only available this weekend! TimeframeDec. 16 – Dec. 18 Server Time DetailsYou will get 5 Gold if you buy 100 Gold during event timeYou will get 15 Gold if you buy 300 Gold during event timeYou will get 25 Gold if you buy 500 Gold during event time Attention:1. Prizes stack therefore you will receive a total of 45 Gold if you buy 500 Gold during event time.2. Moneybooker bonus does not count toward total gold bought.3. Prizes can only be redeemed once.(Require Lv. 10)How to claim Rewards
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