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Castle View

Buildings are of upmost importance even when you start the game. Buildings help you financially, during battles, and to simply increase your city stats as a whole.

Buildings include:

  • City Hall allows you to collect taxes, view and donate battle points to increase your title, and view your subjects, other buildings cannot pass the level of your City Hall.
  • Residence increase your tax revenue by 6 silver per level up. You can have up to 10 buildings of this type.
  • Treasury increases the maximum silver capacity for your city.
  • Granary increases the maximum grain capacity for your city.
  • Tower of Trials is where you train and improve heroes, leveling this grants additional exp during training. You can have up to 2 buildings of this type.
  • Barracks increases the maximum size of your reserves and the amount of reserves gained per draft.
  • Armory is used to purchase new items and upgrade your gear equal to your armoury level, at level 30 you can send out scouts that can be used to find cloaks and mounts.
  • Marketplace allows you to buy or sell grain at a price that raises and lowers throughout the day.
  • Academy allows you to research upgrades to your formation and your armies offense and defense.
  • Tax Office increases your tax revenue by a percentage per level.
  • Mint increases the chance to obtain gold when collecting taxes by a percentage per level.
  • Trade Office allows you to send and receive caravans to/from other players for silver. Increasing its level increases the amount of caravans you can send and receive.
  • Custom House increases the amount earned when sending and receiving caravans.

Assuming all your buildings are at the same level, there is a specific order in which your enemy destroys your buildings. This order is Tower of Trials, Granary, Residence X, Residence III, Residence VI, Residence V, Residence IV, Mint.

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