Equipment is perhaps the most important aspect in the game. When battling your enemies, if you lose, upgrading your gear is the first thing you should do.

The 6 TypesEdit

Weapons - Increase Normal Attack Damage

Armor - Defends against Normal Attacks

Mounts - Increase Gambit Attack Damage

Cloaks - Defends against Gambit Attacks

Enchanted Items - Increase Spell Attacks

Crowns - Increases the number of units.

Match Gear to HeroEdit

While each Hero can equip up to 6 pieces of gear, it is not wise to do so. A hero should only be equipped with the items they can make use of. Equip Weapons to Siege heroes, Mounts & Weapons to Gambit Heroes, and Enchanted Items to Spell Heroes to maximize their damage.

Different TypesEdit

Gear comes in different colors and each color represents a quality. The following are the different types of quality/colors listed from common to very unique.

1. Common/White (Which can be bought in the Armory).

2. Uncommon/Green

3. Rare/Blue

4. Epic/Purple

5. Legendary/Orange

6. Artifact/Red

Do not bother replacing gear of the same quality/color even though it requires a higher level.
Only replace gear when it’s a different quality/color. For example:


Using the above picture as a guide, you wouldn't want to go out of your way to replace the Bronze sword with the Silver sword. You would however want to go out of your way to replace the Silver sword with the Gold Lance or Barrage Axe, or any of the other weapons with the Nomad Bow. This is because higher quality gear comes with a higher growth rate per item upgrade. Compare "Next Level" of the Silver sword with the Gold Lance or Nomad Bow to help you understand.

Gear Binding SystemEdit

To prevent form Item Hacking in the game, the Game Developer provides a system called Gear Bnding. This system meant to stick up a bound item into your account, and so, it can't be sold or downgraded.

Although this system seem better to prevent accidental downgrade or sell, unbinding process take time exactly 3 days (72 hours). Due to the length of unbinding process, this system only reccomended to be applied if you have a gear you planned to use, but you don't want to accidentally lost them and prevent from being sold by hacker. Also, if you have very powerful gears it is recommended tobe bound, simply prevent hackers to sell or downgrade it once they able to break in to you account.

If someone hacked your account, you will know if they attempt to sold bound items because it will go to unbinding process for 72 hours.

Upgrade Gear ASAPEdit

Aside from the color of gear upgrades are everything. If you do not upgrade your armor you might as well just not wear any. Now you might want to focus on upgrading different pieces for different types of Heroes, but you must upgrade whenever you can. It can increase stats immensely, for instance the Double Grasp Sword starts with a base +35 Normal Attack but upgraded to level 30 it has a +355 Attack.

Cost of Each Upgrade

Where to find Great EquipmentEdit

The first thing you must do is use your Scouts! The best Cloaks and Horses will come from them. Your Weapons and Armor will come from drops in Campaign modes. Enchanted Items come from Daily Quests.

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