As with Weapons for Siege Heroes, Mounts are the key to a good Gambit Hero.

Mounts are more costly than any other equipment in the game, but they also provide more gambit attack strength than any other equipment provides for their respective damage type (Weapons for normal, Staffs for spell).

Always aim for the best quality mount available to you and NEVER neglect it.

Mounts are obtained by Scouting (unlocked at level 31). You can earn the Legendary mount, War Elephant, by scouting with the Arabian Scout (must scout with Regular to get Advanced, then scout with Advanced to get Arabian). Legendary equipment comes in 10 fragments, so make sure to start as early as you can reasonably afford to. Save your artifact mount frags, Sleipnir, as well. 20 takes a while to complete, but its an endgame peice of equipment.

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