Weapons are the single largest factor in a siege heroes strength. Weapons boost Normal damage and should be kept up as a top priority for Siege heroes.

Most players that use Gambit heroes rely on strategies to fill up their gambit heroes morale quickly, so they often don't equip weapons to gambit heroes as upgrading a Mount and Weapon for each hero is far too costly. This has a negative side effect tho, for when your gambits no longer have the moral to gambit each turn, they hit like wet noodles! 

Casters who block, such as Khufu, should also have a weapon equiped as well. Block damage is based off the Blockers normal damage output, so an equipped weapon would be handy if you want to do damage to an attacker in this manner.

Remember, a wasted turn is a turn you give to your enemy. Any edge over you a player can get, they will exploit.

Always aim for the highest quality weapon available to you. Never neglect your offense!

The best Weapons drop from campaign enemies and Legions. Here is a following list of weapons by rarity.

List of WeaponsEdit

Common WeaponsEdit

Growth per Level: 10

Weapon Name Required Level Base
Bronze Shortsword 1 11
Longsword 3 15
Rapier 4 20
Broadsword 8 25
Silver Longsword 12 30
Double Grasp Sword 17 35
Gladius 21 40
Silver Armaiti 25 45
Falchion 29 50
Scimitar 34 55
Gold Scimitar 38 60
Spear 42 65
Halberd 46 70
Lance 51 75

These Weapons can be obtained from the Armory.

Uncommon WeaponsEdit

Growth per Level: 13

Weapon Name Required Level Base Dropped By
Gold Lance 12 32 Roger de Moulins (Holy Crusades)
Battle Axe 19 40 Holy Crusades Legion
Broad Axe 21 42 Elite Main Force II (Viking Invasion)
Barrage Axe 22 44 Rurik (Viking Invasion)
Silver War Axe 25 47 Mordred (Treacherous Revenge)
Long Axe 29 52 Elite Main Force III (Transylvania)
Double Blade Axe 34 57 Elite Main Force I (Norman Conquest)
Mace 38 62 Elite Main Force II (Norman Conquest)
War Mace 39 64 Elite Main Force IV (Hundred Years' War)
Silver Mace 42 66 Elite Main Force V (Hundred Years' War)
War Hammer 46 72 Chilaun (Golden Horde)
Heavy Hammer 48 73 Elite Main Force I (Golden Horde)
Gold Hammer 49 75 Elite Main Force II (Golden Horde)
Longbow 55 82 Elite Main Force I (Greco-Persian)
Yew Longbow 80 112 Elite Main Force I (Hellenic Offensive)

Rare Weapons Edit

Growth per Level: 16

Weapon Name Required Level Base Dropped By
Nomad Bow¹ 21 44

Viking Invasion Legion, Accolon (Treacherous Revenge)

Hunting Bow 29 54 Elite Main Force I (Heavenly Scourge)
Crossbow 38 64 Lanfranc (Norman Conquest)
Heavy Crossbow 46 74 Muqali (Golden Horde), Elite Main Force II (Greco-Persian)
Steel Crossbow 68 99 Nefertari Merytmut (Desert Menace)
Curtana 80 114 Elite Main Force Ii (Hellenic Offensive)

¹ Nomad Bow is given as reward for completing the Viking Invasion campaign

Epic WeaponsEdit

Growth per Level: 20

Weapon Name Required Level Base Dropped By
Durandal 29 56 Bleda (Heavenly Scourge), Heavenly Scourge Legion
Joyeuse² 38 66 Norman Conquest Legion
Excalibur 50 76 Hephaestion (Greco-Persian)
Crocea Mors 59 91 Aeneas (Trojan Warriors)
Arondight 68 101 Elite Main Force IV (Hellenic Offensive)
Dyrnwyn³ 80 116 Hatshepsut (Desert Menace), Elite Right Wing I (Norse Warriors)

² Joyeuse is given as reward for completing the Hundred Years' War campaign

³ Dyrnwyn is given as reward for completing the Desert Menace campaign

Legendary WeaponsEdit

Growth per Level: 24

Weapon Name Required Level Base Dropped By
Hauteclere 46 78 Hundred Years' War Legion, Tolui (Golden Horde)
Hrotti 55 88 Greco-Persian Legion
Longinus 63 98 Circe (Trojan Warriors)
Caliburn 72 108 Menelaus (Hellenic Offensive)
Gram 80 118 Elite Main Force I (Desert Menace)
Tyrfing 82 128 Sigmund (Norse Warriors)
Gae Bulg 92 138 Theseus (Isle of Demigods), Ferdiad (Ulster Cycle)

Artifact WeaponsEdit

Growth per Level: 28

Weapon Name Required Level Base Dropped By
Harpe 63 100 Trojan Warriors Legion
Dainslef 72 110 Hellenic Offensive Legion, Elite Vanguard II (Desert Menace)
Rhongomyniad 80 120 Desert Menace Legion, Elite Main Force III (Norse Warriors)
Mjollnir 82 130 Elite Main Force V (Norse Warriors)
Gungnir 92 140 Elite Main Force II, Medea (Isle of Demigods), Isle of Demigods Legion, Shamhat (Ancient Epic), Morrigan (Ulster Cycle), Wiglaf (Heroic Epic Poem)
Areadbhar 92 150 Ulster Cycle Legion, Grendel (Heroic Epic Poem)
Abbadon 100 690 Merlin Legion (End of Choas)
Spiteaxe 100 1200

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