Welcome to Chronicles of Merlin wikia where everyone can contribute to. This wiki has the role to introduce you better to the game and eventually to help you improving your information about the game. Chronicles of Merlin is a MMO RTS where you fight Heroes of all time periods, both real and fiction. This game not only has PVE aspects but PVP as well. Start your journey through the Chronicles of Merlin world right now:

Guides Game Data The World Equipment Campaings Elite Map War of the Gods
Beginner Guide (1-15) Hero Kingdom Charlemagne Weapons Sherwood Forest Dark Sherwood Forest Sky and Earth
Intermediate Guide (16-35) Hero List Kingdom Arthur Armors Holy Crusades Dark Holy Crusades Ocean and Underworld
Advanced Guide (36-60) Elite Army Kingdom Caesar Mounts Viking Invasion Dark Viking Invasion
Expert Guide (61-99) Reset Times Regions Cloaks Treacherous Revenge Dark Treacherous Revenge
Alliance Guide Drop Chart Alliances Enchanted Items Heavenly Scourge
Login Problems Prestige Rewards Servers Crowns Transylvania
Strategy Guide Tax Answers Feudal Lands Pendants Hundred Years' War
How to Read Battle Reports Feature Unlocks Mine Wars Clasps Norman Conquest
Plantations Scouts Plantation Wars Rings Golden Horde
Events Daily Quests Regional Wars Belts Greco-Persian Clash
Daily Rewards Attacking Gems Trojan Warriors
Resources Conquering Hellenic Offensive
Buildings Bounty Desert Menace
Skill List Norse Warriors
Attributes Isle of Demigods
Troop Types Ancient Epic
Rebirth Ulster Cycle
Formations Heroic Epic Poem
3 Types of Attacks End of Chaos
Research New World
Levels Temple Of the Inscriptions
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