Dear players,

The development of the latest update of COM has almost finished. We still need take some more time to test it before we release it. We will do our best to make it happen around Christmas this year! Now we'd like to share some brief information of the update with you:


America Continent

In 1492 the Spanish monarchs funded Christopher Columbus's plan to sail west to reach the Indies by crossing the Atlantic.  He landed on an uncharted continent, then seen by Europeans as a new world, America...

After reaching level 130, players can move their castle to the new world: America. There are currently 9 Cities on this adventure land, waiting for you to conquer it! And the max level rises to 15

  • New: Ore Mine War

The Ore Mine stands in the center of the new continent. Explorers from all over the world are attracted to here to fight for the most important new resource: Gem Ore. Ore Mine War is based on multi-servers.

  • New: Gem System

With hard-earned Ores from Ore Mine War, players can exchange all kinds of Gems, which each type of them possesses independent stat. Also players can upgrade Gem to higher grades or combine two Gems together become Meta Gem (possesses double stats). Gem can be inlaid into Ancient Scroll to take boost effect to all heroes in formation.

  • New: Ancient Scroll

On the new continent, adventurers spent quite a lot of time exploring dark caverns, cursed ruins, catacombs, and other dangerous and forbidding areas. And their efforts paid off. They found an old magical scroll. By enhancing and inlaying Gem into it, massive power will be generated, making players stronger.

 *Update: Superior Hero

6 (3 pairs) more neutral superior heroes will be released into game. We also made some adjustment for the old kingdom superior heroes to balance the hero-type-imbalance of the current version which 

  • Update: Rune Magic Formation

The max level of research of Rune Magic Formation will rise to 25. Level 25 Rune Magic Formation allows players to put the 7th hero into formation to battle.

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