Crowns are useful to all heroes. These items do not drop from any campaign enemies, they can only be purchased from the Armory(Common for silver) or the Emporium (Uncommon through Legendary for gold).

There is only one crown above common quality available for free and that is as a reward from the quest to complete the Hellenic Offensive campaign.

There is only one crown to be dropped by a campaign enemy, that is the Hades' Crown, dropped by The Dragon in the Heroic Epic Poem campaign

Crowns provide additional units to the hero that has it equipped. Crowns aren't necessary for all of your heroes and are an additional cost that a lot of players pass up.

Crowns are useful, but they're of the lowest priority. You may focus on 1 or 2 crowns ahead of other equipment, but never neglect your offense to upgrade crowns.

As a player of the new campaigns (NWL, IOD, AEL, UCL and HEPL) I do not agree that crowns are the lowest priority. Crowns can be used to get to a campaign at a lower level to increase the bp gained from that. I suggest everyone to buy crowns near level 30, just to maximize their own potential as players. Not everyone is fighting to be king, so the rush is pointless.

Legion Level - 15 = Max BP

Between DML-level 91, you should save up your tax gold for 4 more Epic crowns at the very least. Crowns improve defense, offense and allow you to live longer in battles.

  • Level 80 Emporium Page 1
  • Level 80 Emporium Page 2
To the left is the crowns you can get if you have gold. Ranging from 20g for the worst (Stygian Crest) to around 1000g for the best (Ares Crown).

List of Crowns By Their Rarity:

Common Crowns:

  • Bejewelled Crown
  • Jade Crown
  • Silver Crown
  • Gold Crown
  • Crystal Crown
  • Platinum Crown
  • Sapphire Crown
  • Rubine Crown
  • Emerald Crown
  • Mithril Crown
  • Diamond Crown
  • Obsidian Crown
  • Lightining Crest
  • Thunder Crest
  • Constellation Miter

Uncommon Crowns

Rare Crowns

Epic Crowns

  • Sacred Crest
  • Pilgrim Crown
  • Eternal Crest
  • Destiny Crown

Legendary Crowns

  • King Arthur's Crown
  • Caesar's Crown
  • Charlemange's Crown
  • Ares Crown

Artifact Crown:

Eternal Crown

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