Login Rewards: Battle Points, Prestige, and much more!

Now that Chronicles of Merlin new server has been open for around 5 days we have decided to give all players a treat. This event is geared towards those who did not have a chance to participate in previous events, here you will be able to win Battle Points, a Long Sword, Prestige, and a Free Spin just by being level 10 and logging in!

Timeframe Dec.12 11:59 p.m. – Dec.15 11:59p.m. Server Time

Servers S15

If you log in the game on Tuesday(Dec. 13th) you will receive a Long Sword[Must be lvl 10] If you log in the game on Wednesday(Dec. 14th) you will receive Battle Points[Must be lvl 10] If you log in the game on Thursday(Dec. 15th) you will receive 1 Free Spin[Must be lvl 10] If you log in the game on Friday(Dec. 16th) you will receive 100 Prestige[Must be lvl 10]

Note: Everyone receives 250 Gold when they log into the server for the very 1st time.

Additional Events Special Buffs will be given at special times.

Timeframe Dec 13th , Dec 14th , Dec 15th

Servers S1~S15

Details From 7:00p.m. until 10:00p.m. we are offering the following buffs: Tuesday: 10% Silver Collection from Taxes Wednesday: 10% Battle Points Thursday: 10% Prestige

Enjoy The Chronicles of Merlin Team

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