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Are you an expert in CoM? Prove it! Join our first ever Com Quiz Challenge. While you are waiting for those CD times to finish why not spend a few minutes testing your knowledge and earn some Gold at the same time? We would like to invite everyone to participate in the “COM Quiz Challenge!!” see details below.

GM's Hosting this Event SuperD Rosemarry Event Description: This event will be held on S1,S3,S4,and S6 in the World Chat Channel. The GM will be posting questions and the first 3 players to answer will be rewarded with 20 Gold each! (Each player is allowed a maximum of 3 correct answers)

Question content Questions will be regarding game content, related history.

Event Dates and Times: Server GMT EST PST S1, S3, S4, S6 Dec. 8th 2:30a.m. Dec. 7th 9:30 p.m. Dec. 7th 6:30p.m.

Prize Delivery: After the player has answered a question, the GM will announce who answered correctly. After the all questions have been asked the winners will posted on the forums under “News & Events”. Prize Codes will be delivered to players’ in game mailboxes within 3 days after event is over.

Important: 1) You must be level 10 to talk in World Chat. 2) Choose your answers carefully as each time you talk in World Chat it costs 2 Gold. 3) Coupons can only be used on S1,S3,S4,and S6 4) Anyone who impersonates a GM or otherwise harms the game environment will be banned. 5) Chronicles of Merlin reserves the right to make final decisions.

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