Formations can be upgraded in the Academy and set up in the Formations tab.

Formations can be researched in your Academy which is unlocked at level 10.

There are 8 formations and each one provides a different bonus. These bonuses vary greatly. They also enable you to take more Heroes into battle. Your formation is just as valuable as your equipment, it can easily be the difference between a win and a loss.

Types of FormationsEdit

  • Holy Cross - Increases your chance to block normal attacks. A hero that blocks follows with a counter attack for normal damage. Great early campaign formation, loses value mid game.
  • Serpent - Increases your Normal Damage. Great for Siege hero strategies.
  • Mallet - Increases your Gambit Damage. Great for Gambit Heroes, but vulnerable to a lot of gambit attacks at the same time.
  • Sickle - Increases your Critical Strike Chance. Good hero placement and good for Siege hero strategies.
  • Wedge - Increases your chance to Dodge. This formation works great against gambit enemies as Gambit attacks can only be Dodged
  • Oblique - Increases your Spell Damage. A good Spell hero formation, somewhat vulnerable to gambits and attacks like Missle Wall and Wild Volley.
  • Cluster - Increases your Spell success rate. This works good for Gambit strategies as those employ Priests which have a chance to fail. Works just as good, or better, for Spell hero strategies. At lvl 20 the increase is 17.4% additive.
  • Trident - Increases your defense. This formation affects ALL your defenses (Normal/Gambit/Spell) and is a solid formation.i

Who Goes FirstEdit


It is important to know who goes first. This is what a battle formation on the left side (Attacker) would look like, the right side (Defender) would be mirrored. You can see here it is number in the order in which they go. So #1 Attacker will go, and then #1 Defender will go. If there was no #1 Defender then #2 Defender would go.

Research FormationsEdit

You will never succeed with just using one Formation. Depending on your enemy you will need to counter it with a different formation, or even different Heroes.
Below is a list of which positions open with each level. Please use the picture above for the corresponding areas (1-9).


To better understanding table above, here I provide a graphical-line, represent the formation

In ConclusionEdit

Do not forget to set formations to both PVE and PVP.

The least useful formation is Holy Cross.

You'll probably find yourself switching between Serpent, Trident and Mallet formations the most. Other useful formations are Oblique, Cluster, Sickle and Wedge.

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