Gear refinement is a new system that came with v1.3. it uses the chaos gems found in the feudal lands to increase the stats of your weapon by a small percentage each refinement level, this feature can increase damage and defence greatly and is an important part of the game. The refinement level cannot exceed the upgrade level of the item. So if an item is +10 it cannot have more than 10 stars.

How To RefineEdit

To refine equipment you must have a level 61 armoury and earn chaos gems, once you have enough chaos gems to refine your equipment (first star co
Refinment 1

how to refine

st 10 chaos gems with a chance to fail , 11 with 100% success rate) you head to your gear interface and click the refinement tab to go to its interface , once there upgrading is very simple , you have two options , the top and more expensive option provides a 100% success rate and the bottom option is cheaper but comes with the show success rate.

Success RateEdit

The success rate for gear refinement starts at 90% and drops down a small percentage every successful refinement and increases for every failure, if you are feeling unlucky you can always use the more expensive payment which insures a successful refinement. When your refinement is unsuccessful a very small portion of your chaos gems are saved.



The successful refinement of item starts out as giving 0.20% bonus per level or refinement at lower levels and the bonus amount per level increases as the refinement level increases.

Refinement Level Bonus Per Star
1-9 0.2%
10-19 0.3%
20-29 0.4%
30-49 0.5%
50-69, 72 0.6%
70, 73-79 0.7%
71, 80-89 0.8%
90-99 0.9%
100+ 1.0%
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