Gold is a premium resource for Chronicles of Merlin. It can be used to purcase a number of in-game items such as Training Slots, Building Teams, Cooldowns, etc. Gold can be acquired through Taxes, Events, and purchasing it.

Use Gold WiselyEdit

  • Impose Taxes - Great way of getting Silver and the first time you impose it only costs 2 Gold. There’s always the chance to win an extra 10 Gold from Imposing Tax.
  • Unlimited “Force Battles” Against Elites - Elites Armies has a limited number of challenges each day, but they drop precious gear and items. Try “Force Battle” if you ran out of Battles, the reward drop rate doubles with Force Battle. Note that "Force Battle" are unapplicable to the Legions.
  • Buy and Sell Crowns - Buy Crowns with a bit of Gold in the Emporium. Crowns can be resold for a lot of Silver.
  • Extra Training Slots - Instead of training one Hero at a time you can train multiple Heroes simultaneously. You need many high-level Heroes to perform well.
  • Extra Building Teams. - As buildings level up, their CD (Cooldowns) will become longer. You need more building teams to build more in less time.
  • 100% Success Rate If the Success Rate approaches 90% it might be worth it to spend the small amount of Gold to boost it to 100% than to lose large a amount of Silver.
  • Finish Enhancement Cooldown When the Success rate is over 95%, it is recommended to use Gold to finish the Cooldown. It will save you silver from failing at lower success rates and help your gear to Enhance faster.
  • Extra Banners - In addition to one automatic replenish per hour, you can add Banners for gold to complete more Battles.
  • Alternative Avatars - Bored of your normal-looking avatar in region? The CoM Game Developer has sold some new and wealthy-looking avatars for you. All of the costed 100 Gold.
  • The absolute best use of gold is to buy more movement points in Feudal Lands. 20g buys you 300 more points which is another days worth of points. 10g gets you 100, 15 gets you 150. The 20g option is the best bet. If your active and consistant, you can get 3x-4x the gems that an ordinary user might get, making you incredibly strong in a short period of time. Feudal opens up to players at Level 61.

For a new players, you usually have starting boost of free gold. It is extremely reccomend to spend them for bulding team and 2 training slots which cost you exactly 250 Gold. It seem not too useful in start, but later, you'll realize how precious training slots and bulding teams.

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