Unit Type - Chariot: Deal damage in a wide area. Gambit - Valiant Thrust: Roll into the enemy formation, attacking a target and enemies to the left, right, and 3 squares in the row (top to bottom from players perspective) behind it.

Hector is valued for his unique large area target gambit attack. This gambit attack is currently the largest in the game, hitting two thirds of the entire battlefield when used correctly. This attack can hit 4 targets against the Sickle, Serpent, Mallet, Holy Cross and Oblique formations. Many campaign armies also have unusual formations where Hector strikes 4 targets. His large strike area is most useful in legion battles and plantation wars, where players cannot individually adjust their formations for careful placement.

However, prestige heroes are abundant at this stage of the game (unless you're ignoring prestige, you can have 100-300k by this point) and some have better stats and unit bonuses than Hector. Experiments with identical equipment and tactics stats have shown that Florismart and Nero deliver approximately 40 percent more gambit damage than Hector, per target. Additionally, most players who reach Trojan Warriors Legion are already using Trident formation for PvP, limiting Hector to a maximum of two targets. Therefore, players must decide which is more valuable to them, hero strength or the type of hero attack. Either option can be more valuable depending on the player's individual tactics.

Hector Tokens


Hector unleashing gambit attack on campaign army

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