How to Read Battle ReportsEdit

The number one, most important thing you can do to play better is to learn how to read Battle Reports. This is important for not only PVP but also PVE. More than likely by reading a battle report you can find ways to change up your strategy that will help you become successful.

Where to Find the Battle Reports.


If you are moving along in the campaign mode you probably have the strategy button the screen above. It is here you will be able to the Battle Reports of players whom came before you.


For PVP battles, after any PVP encounter you will be sent an Email, inside of the Email there will be a link to the battle report so you can see who just beat you and perhaps go extract some revenge.
Finally there are player submitted battle reports they can be found in the Battle Reports section of the forum, here.

How to find what Heroes are being used and their Gambit.Edit


As you can see by the picture above if you take your mouse and hover over the Heroes, you will be able to see their names. After that you can check their specific abilities. For instance the Hero above is Richard the Lionheart , and his gambit is Entrench, so we know he is impervious to all Normal and Gambit attacks for 1 round.

Understanding FormationsEdit

You must know a about the different formations and their abilities. In addition must understand the order of whom goes first, this will help you strategize your Heroes to match theirs.

The UnknownsEdit

Battle Reports give you a lot of information but there are some things you can't see. You will be unable to see the attributes of the Heroes and their Gear or Research . The best you can do in this case is try to max out your own levels. Try looking at your oppenents Hero's and gear in the leaderboards to see if they have any hero's that are enlightened weak and if you can exploit that weakness.

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