This page is dedicated to Alliances on the iOS S12 Server. If you are looking for an Alliance please feel free to check out the following entries.


Each Alliance may post one ad, there will be no flaming or long discussions. Please go to the forum if you would like to discuss Alliances in more depth. In addition posters are strongly urged to contribute to this wiki, please help the game grow along with you Alliance.


Please add your alliance name on iOS S12 in alphabetical order. A more complete list of alliances can be found on the Alliance & Chamber section of the Forums.


"13 Samurai" Leading Alliance in S12, commanded by Hanzo until no compititor. Small alliance size as max 12 active members(Hanzo,Takamura,Westpac,sHoGuN who is constantly PMSing and should get hit by a fucking bus,Takumi,Kenji,Rukia,Munetoshi,RyuuHaki,Slash,Ocean,dOiOb) Currently also take control of Top Alliances in KA & CH.

"War on sea" Alliance founded and commanded by TomLIO the Deputy Commander BlackHat is often found on chat and wll accept every appication and if you ever need help with the legions just ask for BlackHat or RingWraith and they will come.

"Great Caesar" Founded and Commanded by Wheee - Working to make Caesar the faction of choice on S12.

Outlaws heaven, Commander Deathlord. Looking for members to build the ranks.Edit


DIABLOs LAIR: founded by Diablo. Always looking for new, active members to join who can donate to the alliance and participate in alliance events. Heroes Alliance leader has hijacked by 12 Sumurai alliance. All players left s12 due to the bug costing 2 gold for each chat on the world, plantation bug and training none stop bug. There is no fix for these bugs for months now.

King Arthur:Edit

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