This page is dedicated to Alliances on the iOS S13 Server. If you are looking for an Alliance please feel free to check out the following entries.


Each Alliance may post one ad, there will be no flaming or long discussions. Please go to the forum if you would like to discuss Alliances in more depth. In addition posters are strongly urged to contribute to this wiki, please help the game grow along with you Alliance.


Please add your alliance name on iOS S13 in alphabetical order. A more complete list of alliances can be found on the Alliance & Chamber section of the Forums.


Diamond Star: WhiteCap is on daily and will accept all who apply.
Justice League: We are the largest Caesar alliance and very helpful. Daily plantation wars!


CheekyMonkeys: Founded upon server launch by Gibbon who had to quit soon after due to other commitments. Led for some months by Rohan' who endured for a time until his Employer moved him to another country with timing/access too limited to continue.  Rohan passed the mantle to Partisan, a day-1 member who had shown leadership qualities all along; Tinpan, Deputy Commander also deserves some kudos for CM's present strength and organisation.  CM is now the leading alliance on iOS s13 and has absorbed the active end-game players from the Avengers alliance, including its leader Ivyrip.

King Arthur:

KA Traitors: KA Traitors Alliance was created by Nick who was kicked from slayers in a jealous fit of rage by the Slayers then-commander, Drlove. It seeks to provide a haven for King Arthur players, free from the opression of the tyranicle leadership of Slayers. Daily activity is preferred, so please let the commander know if you are going to be inactive for a period of time, to make preperations for plantation wars easier for us all. Thank you.
Slayers: Please click the link to see all our alliance rules. Lots of silver and grain at our daily PW.
"Friendly and super helpful - Very orginised. See you there!" - Titface
"This is the 4th server I've been on, maybe the 10th alliance I've been in, and so far, it's the best one I've been a part of." - Baxterish
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