S14-Cavalier Alliances

King Arthur


Founder: Helios

Current Commander:  Sman

Key Members:  FeiLong, Jack007, Gilliam, Yehhmac, Zeus, Gillam, Hoolum, ELDERON, Liamaki

Solinvictus Alliance Rules


None alliance members may be taken as subjects provided they are not the subject of an alliance member

Alliance members may be taken as subjects provided permission is given by alliance member.

Alliance members may trade subjects at any time.

Taking alliance members subjects without permission is forbidden

Farms and Mines:

Farms and mines cannot at any time be taken from an alliance member without permission.  (If taken in error, contact member in chat, or email to reconcile mistake)

Special Farm and Mine rules for London:

Only one Farm or Mine may be occupied by one player in the top five mines.  (This rule applies only to London)

Alliance research:

A dialy donation of 50% of the maximum possible amount is requested. 


As alliance members we are a family of sorts, and it is implied that we treat each other with respect.

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