It is time for war! Our homeland is under invader’s attack. Our king needs your help. Participate in Player-vs-Player battle now! Timeframe Until Nov. 21st 0:01 AM ServerS1~S14 DerailsInvade an enemy region, attack players of a hostile region. Unlocking powerful Prestige Heroes, you can also win extra gold during this event! By attacking other players and building up your prestige your title will change color. You will go from "Harmless" to "Unfriendly" and "Hostile", and eventually to "Wanted", “Most Wanted" and "Enemy of the State" in your enemy's eyes. See this as an honor, a privilege. The hatred of your enemy is equal to the love of your compatriots. How to participateSearch and punish, hunt down and destroy. Find players with the titles "Enemy of the State", “Most Wanted" or "Wanted" and defeat them. Install fear in their hearts so they will never attack your land again.1. Enter an opponent territory; locate a Pink (Wanted), Orange (Most Wanted), or Red (Enemy of the State) opponent. 2. Capture a screenshot of their name before you attack them. After you successfully defeat the opponent, copy the link to the Battle Report. Rewards Up to 30 Gold reward to each poster on a server, so you can choose to defeat: Red opponent 1 time (The Screenshot and 1 Battle Reports required),Orange or Pink opponents 2 times (The Screenshot(s) and 2 Battle Reports required) Green or blue opponents 3 times (The Screenshot(s) and 3 Battle Reports required). Write a reply under the reply thread; include your in-game name, the screenshot you have taken before you attacked your target, and the BR of you defeating your opponent.

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