Maid Marian Status Window

Maid Marian is the first recruitable hero and comes from the Sherwood Forest Campaign. She only requires one token and will be obtained 100% of the time upon defeat.

Unit Type - Spearmen: Basic Infantry.

Gambit - Rush: attacks a single target for gambit damage and stuns them, making the target unable to attack for 1 turn.


Big things begin with small steps, like your journey through your Chronicles of Merlin adventure. Well, Maid Marian is the first step and is the right one. Her ability, Rush, stuns the enemy target for 1 turn, which is great in the beginning when you have to face small armies. Here the stun gives almost 1 extra turn and this is only in your advantage if you combine her ability with Rickon‘s powerful bombardment.

Maid Marian is an early game hero and is recommended to use her until you get your first prestige heroes or you recruit Alfred the Great. So you don‘t need to throw her after you beat Baldwin, that‘s one of the biggest mistakes most unexperienced players do.

She has a high bravery for this stage of game (better than Rickon or Saladin) and she is very good in front of your formation to defend eventually the bombarders. She will need only a good horse to increase Rush‘s damage. It isn‘t necessary to equip her with a weapon but if you think you have enough time and silver and also want to play both Rickon and Saladin in your formation at lvl 11, then feel free to do this.

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