Maugris is a Charlemagne kingdom prestige hero and requires 280,000 prestige to unlock.

Unit Type - Bombard. Attack - Cannonade: Attack a row of enemies for normal damage.

His initial status is 94 bravery, 68 tactics and 70 magic and he has 430 units.

Maugris has one of the highest Bravery stats in the game, he has a great attack pattern and is a high tier prestige hero resulting in a great unit count. His tactics stat is acceptable and his magic stat is great for a non-spell hero.

Maugris makes for a great tank and even does good damage to single targets, If you don't wish to use more than one siege hero, your choice is between this guy and Fierabras. Fierabras covers rows and Maugris covers columns, together they can cover a wide variety of formations.

It is highly recommended that you use him.

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