Morgan le Fay - Status Window

Morgan le Fay is the Final Boss army of the Treacherous Revenge Campaign.

Unit Type: Healer. Spell - Heal: Attempts to heal all allied heroes. Each hero is either successfully healed or not based on individual rolls (dice roll, luck, chance etc). She can succeed or fail to heal any number of your heroes.

Morgan is one of two healers in the game and she comes very early on making her a bad mid-late game hero.

Morgan's healing is affected by Spell Attack (Research and equipment), Magic (enlightening) and possibly Level and/or her unit Stars (Rebirthing).

Her healing power is very low and the only time it's of any value is when you're taking low-medium damage across 2-5 heroes and she successfully heals them more often than not (has about a 30-50% fail rate).

It is highly recommended to ignore this hero past level 40. *Under Re-Evaluation*

  • Note: Actual healing value not determined at levels 80-100.
  • At 120 she can heal for about 1400 with a 120/120 Magic Blade. Her frequencey isn't as high as Scathach's, but heals for the same.
  • Can heal without a staff.

Morgan - Tokens

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