Icons: Empty (Left) and Occupied (Right)

Upon completing some campaigns, a new Plantation in the World Interface will be unlocked for you. Plantations is symbolized like a mini-farm in a World Map, and will have an Alliance Banner above them if in occupation of certain alliance.

An unlocked Plantation then can be harvested if your Alliance occupied it. However, even if your Alliance occupy a Plantation but you have not unlocked it yet, you can't harvest them. An Alliance Commander may occupy a Plantation for his Alliance by initiating a Plantation Wars.

List of PlantationEdit

Plantations is available upon completing Holy Crusades Campaign, and will be unlocked for each campaign up to the first 10 campaigns (Trojan Warriors). The rest high-levelled campaigns are not assigned with any Plantations yet. These are the loist of plantation that currently available and unlockable on the game:

  • Treviso Plantation - unlocked upon completing Transylvania Campaign
  • Kassel Plantation - unlocked upon completing Golden Horde Campaign

Those Plantations when are not being occupied by a certain Alliance, will be defended by the Campaign Army from which they can be unlocked.


Each Plantations have different amount of grain that being produced for each harvest. Started with 20 output at the first plantation, the output increased by 10 for the next plantation except the last one, which is raised for 20. These are the complete list:

  • Borlange Plantation - Output: 20 grain per harvest
  • Szczecin Plantation - Output: 30 grain per harvest
  • Brest Plantation - Output: 40 grain per harvest
  • Burgos Plantation - Output: 50 grain per harvest
  • Treviso Plantation - Output: 60 grain per harvest
  • Cork Plantation - Output: 70 grain per harvest
  • Swindon Plantation - Output: 80 grain per harvest
  • Kassel Plantation - Output: 90 grain per harvest
  • Limoges Plantation - Output: 100 grain per harvest
  • Besancon Plantation - Output: 120 grain per harvest

The daily harvest limitation is depend on your rank in Alliance, between range of 5 up to 7 times harvesting. See Alliance Guide for more info about ranks.

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