Prophecy is the second largest alliance on s1 Akashic in the King Arthur Kingdom. They are within the top 3 for Plantation War in that Kingdom.

Founded by Ark on May 10th 2011

Largest Membership: 167

Emblem: Level 6

Device: Gold Flames


Prophecy is based on the Legend of King Arthur's Return to restore "Breteyne" from out of "Fayrye."

"One Anglo-Norman text recounts of the Welsh that "openly they go about saying,... / that in the end they will have it all; / by means of Arthur, they will have it back... / They will call it Britain again."[12] ....reflect a post-Galfridian Welsh belief that Arthur...[was] associated with the "Mab Darogan" ("Son of Prophecy")...[13]"'s_messianic_return


Hail! Knights of the Round Table! Inspired by the code of chivalry and the Round Table of equal status among brethren, we seek to treat other players honorably and honestly with respect for fairplay and sportsmanship. We respect all members regardless of alliance rank or level who earnestly wish to L2P and just enjoy the game. In accordance with Arthurian Legend, we fight for the Kingdom of Arthur--as our alliance is one of many--to fulfill the Prophecy of yore as one Kingdom United.


Prophecy was created by former members of the CBT alliance "Knights_of_Ni" in the King Arthur Kingdom on T1 Preface. When T1 Preface closed and s1 Akashic opened, Ark, Leofwynn, adam, Bounce, Nomi, and others reunited in Prophecy and returned to the King Arthur Kingdom while Holyhand, the original founder of KoN, recreated "Knights_of_Ni" but decided to join the Caesar Kingdom. Knights_of_Ni is currently the strongest and largest alliance in Caesar on s1 Akashic. Prophecy has also done well but stayed in the shadow of the largest alliance on T1 Preface also reformed on s1 Akashic--Legacy.

Quick Facts: Originally, alliances could be created before moving to a Kingdom and players were not limited in which Kingdom they joined. This allowed a huge active population favoring the titular King Arthur Kingdom to grow unchecked and many alliances were formed in the Starter Region or Center City. To ensure game balance in warfare, alliances were made kingdom-only and only approx. equal numbers of players can join each kingdom. Over 50% of the players on s1 Akashic were in Arthur. No new players have been allowed to join Arthur on s1 Akashic since June 9th, the day of the update to balance the kingdoms' populations.

Original CBT Members: (still updating)

  • Ark
  • adam
  • Bounce
  • Leofwynn
  • Nomi
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