Having your Hero Reborn will increase their offensive and defensive strengths, but leave you at a temporary disadvantage.

What it does for youEdit

You will reach a point where you have leveled up a lot of things but still need more of an edge. That is where Rebirth comes into play. It adds 10 stars to your Heroes Unit Type. This affects the Attack and Defense of your Hero. A hero earns 10 stars about every 17 levels. So a single reborn will make a level 1 hero equal to a level 18 hero.

The DownsideEdit

After your Hero is Reborn they will be brought back down to level 1. You will then have to train them back up to your current level. However, the hero retains all enlightenment and equipment even though they go back down to level 1.

When you can use RebornEdit

Heroes can first be reborn at level 51. It is recommended that you have a plan when you have a Hero reborn as they will not be of much use to you while they are training. It is a tough choice you will have to make as it has benefits and disadvantages.


  • Reborn Button can be found at the upper-right of the Enlighten Screen.
  • It might be a good idea to Reborn your character after you have enough prestige for a 6th Hero to use inplace of this one.
  • You can use Reborn at level 51 and every 10 levels after that.
  • As of now being Reborn does not remove Equipment.
  • If you remove equipment from a hero, they can not equip it again unless they meet the level requirement.
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