Regional Wars are Battles to control a City or Region. Those that control it will have access to its Farms and Mines. It is a great way to show the dominance of your Kingdom.

The losing city will lose 25% of its allegience, potentially losing the city itself to the winning kingdom. (note: a city is lost when another kingdom controls the majority of the allegience.)

Note that only the attacking city (the one who launch the regional wars) can earn allegiance by winning the battle.


Upon completion of a Regional War, the players who participated on the side of the winning team will be awarded an amount of prestige based on level and enemies defeated. The losing side will also recieve a smaller amount, about half, of prestige. You may also have gained control of the region.


Regional Wars occur every Autumn beginning at 7:00p.m. Server Time. You cannot participate if you have a relocate cooldown timer which may be either 24 or 3 hours from the time you moved. You can view the timer in the world map by clicking any region; the cooldown will show beside the "Move" button.

How to JoinEdit

To initate the War, a player with Wanted status or above and who has beaten Genghis Khan must click invade on the target Region. After which an icon will appear in your Castle screen indicating the time of the War. If it is time, then simply click the icon to enter the War.

Even when the icon shows up, there are other conditions which you must meet to join: Your relocation cooldown must be at 0, and you must be a member of the majority faction in the region.

Different Types of RegionsEdit

  • Political - Cannot be occupied.
  • Cultural - Any players can move to these Regions.
  • Normal - No benefits.
  • Economic - Double allegiance when investing.
  • Commercial - Can invest in all level 110 regions regardless who occupies them.
  • Military - Enemy Kingdoms only recieve half Allegance when attacking.

How it WorksEdit

It is much like a Legion Battle as your Region will square off with the other Region, 5 Armies at a time. You will not stop fighting until one team loses. Each player can have streaks up to 3, and even more depending on buffs.

Battle BoostsEdit

During the team planning period before the beginning of a Regional Battle, players may use either Battle Points or Gold to try and gain a Battle Boost. If successful, Battle Boosts can raise your attack and defense ratings. Once you have successfully boosted your stats 5 times you will obtain a unique buff. The chances of a Battle Boost being successful decreases as you successfully Boost

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