Research plays a crucial role in Chronicles of Merlin as it increases the combat capability of your entire army. Research is carried out at your Academy so make sure to level it up to unlock additional Research types and to increase the maximum level of your Research. A combination of advanced Research and enhanced Gear is a winning formula against any enemy. You use Battle Points to upgrade your research, as you progress through the game, so does the amount of Battle Points needed to upgrade your research.

Research Name Research Effect Per Level Level Obtained
Holy Cross Formation Increases Block Rate Level 0
Serpent Formation Increases Normal Damage Level 5
Mallet Formation Increases Gambit Damage Level 10
Sickle Formation Increases Critical Strike Rate Level 20
Wedge Formation Increases Dodge Rate Level 30
Oblique Formation Increases Spell Damage Level 35
Cluster Formation Increases Spell Success Rate Level 40
Trident Formation Increases Defense Against All Attacks Level 45
Tempered Steel Increases Normal Attack by 10 Per Level Level 1
Conscription Increases Heroes Unit Count by 10 Per Level Level 5
Chivalry Increases Gambit Attack by 25 Per Level Level 10
Plate Mail Increases Normal Defense by 7 Per Level Level 15
Fortifications Increases Gambit Defense by 18 Per Level Level 20
Alchemy Increases Spell Attack by 12 Per Level Level 30
Book of Prayer Increases Spell Defense by 8 Per Level Level 35
Coat of Arms Increases Heroes Unit Count by 20 Per Level Level 40
War Tome Increases Battle Points earned by 1% Per Level Level 50
Medicine Decreases Unit Losses After Each Battle Level 60
Fortitude Reduces All Damage Taken Level 65
Advanced Logistics Use Fewer Reserves to Replenish Troops Level 70
Curtain Walls Reduced Chance to Lose a Building Level When Defeated in PvP Level 80
Siege Warfare Increases Chance to Raze Enemy Building With PvP Victory Level 80
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