This page is dedicated to Alliances on the S7 Server. If you are looking for an Alliance please feel free to check out the following entries.


Each Alliance may post one ad, there will be no flaming or long discussions. Please go to the forums if you would like to discuss Alliances in more depth. In addition posters are strongly urged to contribute to this wiki, please help the game grow along with you Alliance.


Please add your alliance name on S7 by alliance level. A more complete list of alliances can be found on the Alliance & Chamber section of the Forums at


  • Phalanx, level 108. Overlord: saintgab
  • ROMANIA, level 70. Overlord: alinake
  • DoLce_ViTa, level 66. Overlord: XxVENOMxX
  • Honor, level 55. Overlord: muszly80
  • Pheonix, level 47. Overlord: Gadumpth
  • Shard, level 47. Overlord: Sagy


  • [Karma2], level 107. Overlord: Carlin
  • Exodus, level 88. Overlord: milmil
  • Deities, level 54. Overlord: rrango
  • [Karma], level 53. Overlord: MOOREKEN
  • :MamaTayNaKau:, level 44. Overlord: BosQuito
  • A.A.A, level 38. Overlord: swiftwind

King ArthurEdit

  • Canada, level 110. Overlord: Univarsity
  • GameOfThrones, level level 104. Overlord: Mada
  • SnakeTamers, level 65. Overlord: arch23
  • The_War_Gods, level 55. Overlord: lilfrizzy
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