Sir Percival Status Window

Sir Percival is a King Arthur hero and is unlocked at 70,000 prestige.

Unit type - Pavise Crossbowmen: High Block rate.

Gambit - Covering Fire: Launches an attack that hits a single target and applies a defense boost to himself as well as returning his morale to 100 after each gambit attack.

Sir Percival is an early-mid game hero and is a great option for players who don‘t love spell so much but they join King Arthur. First of all, he is an offensive tank, his main disadvantage being only that he hits only one target. Equip him with Mounts and Weapons and he will be a great help for you.

While in his Covering Fire he takes less damage and after each gambit attack he raises his morale to 100. He has a great strength until lvl 60. In the lvl 80 region he will start to be more fragile because of his unit amount but he can be replaced with Brunhilde at the beginning of late game.

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