Original List, re-compiled and organized, can be found on the Chronicles of Merlin forums here: Tax Event Reward List

Events Choice 1 Choice 2
A Deserter's Fate Loyalty+5 Loyalty+3, Prestige+10*Lv
A Difficult Choice Loyalty+7 Prestige+4*Lv
A Duel to the Death Loyalty+5 Gold+10
A Fallen King Loyalty+8 Silver+7*Lv, Prestige+7*Lv
A Mother's Only Wish Prestige+4*Lv Loyalty+8
A Night With The Roths Prestige+3*Lv Loyalty+5, Silver +30*Lv
A Remote Village Silver+15*Lv Loyalty+7
Adrasteia's Gifts Silver+15*Lv, Loyalty+5 Prestige+4*Lv
An Orphan Loyalty+8 Gold+5, Loyalty+5
Anti-War Protester's Gold+10, Loyalty+7, Prestige+2*Lv Silver-10*Lv, Taxes+1
Bluebeard Gold+3, Loyalty+7 Prestige+5*Lv
Columbus Calls Silver-20*Lv, Loyalty+10 Gold+3, Loyalty+5
Cotton Or Catkin Prestige+5*Lv, cd -10min Loyalty+6
Decide Your Fate Loyalty+6 Silver+30*Lv
Disappearing Cows Loyalty+5 Silver+35*Lv
Drought and Plague Loyalty+7 Silver+25*Lv
Eastern Conquest Silver+10*Lv, Loyalty+5 Gold+3, cd -5min
Enemy Exposed Loyalty+8 cd -10min
For Pride or For Country Loyalty+4, Prestige+3*Lv Loyalty+5
Frog Prince Loyalty+8 Silver+30*Lv
Gingerbread House Prestige+5*Lv, cd -30min Loyalty+7
Going Gaga Loyalty+8 Prestige+5*Lv
Golden Apple Silver+25*Lv Prestige+4*Lv
Gold Thief Loyalty+7 Silver+25*Lv
Granary Blaze Silver+10*Lv, Prestige+1*Lv Loyalty+7
Headless Horseman Gold+3, Loyalty+5 cd -10min
Internal Affairs Loyalty+8 Silver+15*Lv
Merchants Afoul Loyalty +7 Silver+20*Lv
Misers Loyalty +7 Loyalty+5, Silver+25*Lv
Misguided Child Prestige+4*Lv Loyalty+5
Nostradamus Loyalty+7 Prestige+4*Lv
Penthesilea Loyalty+7 Gold+5
Perkeo the Boozehound Loyalty+7, Taxes+1 Prestige+4*Lv
Procrustes Loyalty+7, Gold+7 Prestige+7*Lv
Quixote Loyalty+5 Prestige+3*Lv
Rapunzel Loyalty+8 Silver+15*Lv
Riddle of the Sphinx Loyalty+7 Prestige+10*Lv, cd -10min
Romeo and Juliet Loyalty+5 Silver+15*Lv
Sir Gawain's Conundrum Loyalty+5 Loyalty +8
Soldier's Trangression Loyalty+7 Silver+15*Lv, Loyalty+4, Prestige+2*Lv
Songs of Sirens Gold+5, Taxes+1, cd -15min Silver+30*Lv, Prestige+7*Lv, Taxes+1
Suspected Smugglers Loyalty+7 Prestige+4*Lv
The Barbarians Loyalty+5 Prestige+5*Lv
The Behemoth Gold+10, Loyalty+4, Taxes+1 Silver+20*Lv, Prestige+7*Lv
The Fisherman's Soul Loyalty+6, Prestige+3*Lv cd -20min
The Forsaker Loyalty+7, Prestige+2*Lv Silver+35*Lv
The Gold Figurine Silver+15*Lv Loyalty+7
The Gordian Knot Loyalty+7, Taxes+1 Prestige+4*Lv
The Happy Prince Silver-20*Lv, Loyalty+7 Prestige+3*Lv
The Little Mermaid Loyalty+8, Prestige+5*Lv Silver+30*Lv
The Matchstick Girl Loyalty+7 Gold+5
The Nettle Witch Prestige+3*Lv Loyalty+7
The Old Fisherman Silver+30*Lv Loyalty+8
The Red Shoes Taxes+1, Loyalty+5 Taxes+1, cd -5min
The Witch's Proposal Silver+35*Lv Taxes+1, Loyalty+5, Prestige+4*Lv
Underground Castle Loyalty+7 Silver+15*Lv
Uprising! Loyalty+7 Prestige+3*Lv
Witch Prophecy Loyalty+7 cd -5min


  • Lv: Level of player.
  • cd -x min: Cooldown of Taxes reduced by x minutes.
  • Please note that some answers may cause silver loss.

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