This is a list of what needs to be done. Please help out if you can. If you see something else that needs to be done please add it to this list. 


Attribute Pages need to be expanded/more info. - Improved, check if satisfying

Heroes list info needs to be update and layout needs to be changed.

Fill out Caesar's individual hero's pages starting with Gaius Marius. Please follow the format seen HERE.- Improved, needs to be checked.


Regional Wars: Mostly done, look over for any missing relevant information.Edit
Attacking: Needs content. -Added more, Please Check (Phated)Edit


More info needs to be added to all including:

List of Armies - From Sherwood Forest to Desert Menace is complete. Total 87% complete - Missing Norse Warriors and Isle of Demigods and Ancient Epic.

List of Heroes that can be unlocked and the amount of Tokens it takes. - Token amounts up through Hector are listed. 70% complete.

List of Drops - Complete, check if satisfying (Ar4093 17:43, November 26, 2012 (UTC))

Progress - Sherwood Forest through Desert Menace is ~95% done. Need pages created for a few of the uncommon & rare drops. Update as progress continues.

UPDATE: The Campaign page has fully established. Now we just need to improve the individual gear page. (Ethrundr 10:53, July 9, 2012 (UTC))

Additional Pages/TopicsEdit

King System

Progress: Page already made and the link is posted at homepage. just need review and rechecking, then it's done

UPDATE: Page moved under expert guide


Categorizing and Cross ReferencingEdit

Linking words and articles to other pages. here is how


Guides need to be added, written, or improved

Also I think that is all the guides we should put up on the main page the rest can be linked. For instance, in the beginner guide there will be a link to the intermediate guide, etc.

PROGRESS: just need to be checked :)


The Server List surely need to be updated as soon as possible.

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