War Elephant

"An elephant trained for battle. Often used to break through the enemy lines, crash citiy walls, and generally wreak havoc on the opposition."

How to ObtainEdit

The War Elephant is obtained 1 fragment at a time from the Arabian (3rd) Horse Scout which costs 25,000 silver.

The most cost efficient method to obtain this mount is to reach level 51 and then send normal and advanced scouts out until you obtain an Arabian Scout. Starting at level 51 you get to scout once a day at no cost, so you use this free scout on the Arabian mount to retrieve War Elephant fragments.

It isn't a terrible method to reset the scout cooldown with gold and repeatedly scout. This will cost you anywhere from 20 to 200 gold (maybe more) and several hundred thousand silver, but it will net you the War Elephant fragments pretty quickly.

Upgrade CostsEdit

(This information applies to all 4 legendary mounts)

  • Total Cost up to 60 - Approximately 3,200,000 silver
  • Next Level at 60 - 140,000
  • Next Level at 65 - 154,000
  • Next Level at 83 - 204,400
  • Total Cost up to 83 - Approximately 7,200,000 silver

This is the most common Mount in the game due to it's level requirement and the fact that most players slow down and sit at the level 60 region due to prosperity being high in that level range.

Screen shot 2011-06-30 at 1.22.40 AM

Legendary War Elephant

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