The Wheel of Fortune is a new feature which was included along with many other changes in the September Update.

This new mini-game allows players to spin and receive one of many rewards at random.

Wheel of Fortune Interface
WoF Icon

How it worksEdit

Every day at 5 am server time players are granted a free spin if they are at 0 remaining spins. You can purchase an unlimited amount of spins for 10 gold each.

Auto-Start skips the whole animation of cycling through the rewards before stopping on one and continues to use your remaining spins.

You can also see up to your 36 most recent results (6 listings per page with 6 pages).


There are 14 potential rewards, 9 unique rewards, 5 are duplicated with differing amounts.

  • Silver - comes in 2 different quantities based on level
  • Banners - comes in quantities of 1 or 3
  • Prestige - comes in 2 different quantities based on level
  • Battle Points - comes in 2 different quantities based on level
  • Taxes - +3 taxes to collect
  • Gold - +20 gold
  • Grain - Comes in 1 quantity based on level
  • Experience Gems - Comes in 2 different quanties of 5 and 10. These gems can be used in place of Battle Points when adding exp to your heroes.
  • Stone of Blessings - The next NPC(computer/AI/campaign) Army you defeat that drops equipment will award you the equipment guaranteed.
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